The company «Papadaki Elpiniki Theodoros & Ioannis G.P.», with the distinctive title “Silver Majestic” is a second-generation family business and is operating in the silver jewellery industry since 1989.

The company started by importing and distributing silver jewellery in the Greek market.  Today, according to the strategic growth plan of the business, it developed its backward vertical integration by designing and producing fine silver jewelry.

In a state-of-the-art and fully-equipped workshop, it produces jewelry of excellent quality and impeccable aesthetics, ranking the company as one of the industry’s leading companies, while enhancing the Greek economy.

The products are now sold all over Greece even in the most difficult to distribute areas, as well as abroad, in many countries of Europe and beyond such as Egypt and in the states of America.

The sales force of the company is made of experienced and well-trained employees ready to meet the needs of the most demanding customer.

Particularly important is the presence of the company in the touristic market of Greece. The company offers a specific product line for this market with an authentic Greek jewellery design. The goods are distributed in all the touristic areas of Greece. The products are always available in quantities throughout the tourist season. The main concern is to create stable and long-term partnerships with the customers.

Competitive prices, direct and efficient service, friendly environment, insistence on continuous improvement, trust, reliability, immediacy, market knowledge and a wide variety of our products are just some of our competitive strengths.

Our mission is to provide a healthy, pleasant and well-organized environment for our customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

Our policy is to select products that are perfectly aligned with the expectations of our customers while following all the high standards of current legislation.

The company’s goal is to understand the customer needs and to respond immediately with consistency, reliability and accountability.

Our scope is to provide high quality jewellery at the lowest market price.

We sincerely appreciate the support and trust in us over the years!